Film Reviews

  • Our Last Tango

    The opening night shot over Bueno Aires is beautiful as the camera dips through the metallic colours of the car and streetlights. It sets the tone for this interesting, at times heartening, but overly technical film, to tell the story of two of the greatest ever tango dancers.

  • Lord of the Flies

    Peter Brook’s highly acclaimed 1963 film adaptation of William Golding’s novel LORD OF THE FLIES still ticks the right boxes after all those years. The stark b/w picture and the visuals may appear as ‘primitive’ as the primeval behaviour of some of the stranded school boys but the story itself serves as a timeless reminder for the disturbing fact that, given the wrong circumstances, the beast lurks in all of us!

  • FrightFest 2017 - Better Watch Out, The Terror of Hallow's Eve, Tragedy Girls

    Better Watch Out Home Alone will give you some idea of where this is coming from but only so far as there’s a home invasion and there are minors involved. Otherwise this Christmas film (that can be watched any time of the year) has a few more surprises and is far nastier.

  • Belle de Jour

    BELLE DE JOUR: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION has just been released by Studiocanal in a spanking new 4K restoration. Catherine Deneuve delivers a terrific performance in this Luis Bunuel classic from 1967.

  • Dunkirk

    Before Christopher Nolan’s big budget affair, director Leslie Norman put his cast through the paces to achieve as much realism as possible in reconstructing the story of Operation Dynamo during WW2 – focusing in the evacuation of surrounded British (and French) troops from the beaches in Dunkirk. John Mills, Bernard Lee and Richard Attenborough lead the stellar cast.

  • 95 And 6 To Go

    95 AND 6 TO GO is a touching portrayal of Tom Takesue, an American-Japanese widower whose own life stories are uncovered

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

    This Sci-fi classic (based on a story by Jules Verne) comes across as rather harmless by nowadays standards – indeed, in the age of Harry Potter chances are it won’t appeal much to youngsters at all. That said, connoisseurs of vintage fantasy flicks will find plenty to marvel at though rest assured it won’t be Pat Boone’s embarrassing attempt to speak with a Scottish accent!

  • Black Sails - Season Four

    No expenses spared in this fourth and final instalment of the hugely successful pirate saga, and no lives either! As the conflicts between Captain Flint’s crew and Wood Rogers attempts to restore Nassau causes ever more bloodshed, all’s not well between Flint and buddy Long John Silver either… and it’s not just the Urca gold that is to blame!

  • FrightFest 2017: Die Hölle (Cold Hell), Replace, Imitation Girl

    Die Holle (Cold Hell) Cab driver Özge Dogurol (Violetta Schurawlow) after a trying night gets home to her apartment and witnesses a murder in the opposing flat, and she is seen by the murderer. The police are called but inspector Steiner (Tobia Moretti) doesn’t have any real interest, and won’t give her any protection.

  • FrightFest 2017: Seuls (Alone), Diane, Ruin Me

    Seuls) Alone Based on a Belgian comic book Alone is an interesting though ultimately flawed take on the post-death experience. Waking up one day to find she is totally alone Leila (Sofia Lesaffre) begins to wander around her hometown and meets up with others who are in a similar situation.