Film Reviews

  • Good Time

    Independent filmmaking brothers Benny and Josh Safdie are making it their trademark to depict the desperate, toxic underworld of contemporary New York...

  • Scars of Dracula

    As part of celebrating 60 Years of Hammer Horror, Studiocanal – in association with Park Circus, have released the first four of eight titles fully restored and in double-play format. SCARS OF DRACULA from 1970 is not the best of Hammer’s Christopher Lee/Dracula flicks and one wonders why this title has been picked as a ‘celebratory’ release, given the fact that Hammer’s first vehicle starring Lee as the infamous vampire count – HORROR OF DRACULA from 1958 – is far superior to SCARS OF…

  • Bunuel - The Essential Collection

    This box set by Spanish director and surrealist Luis Bunuel celebrates his work with seven of his most acclaimed films including classic Bunuel movies such as THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOSIE and DIARY OF A CHAMBERMAID, starring the late Jeanne Moreau in the title role.

  • B & B

    ‘You reap what you sow’ says the tagline on the DVD sleeve and that much is true when a couple return triumphantly to a B&B after having won a court case against its Christian owner who had previously denied them the pleasure of a twin bed. But triumphant mischief soon turns to the night from hell after a sinister male guest arrives and the owner’s son fancies a walk on the wild side…

  • Beach Rats

    It’s unusual for a film to blend raw sex, sexuality and a certain eroticism but Eliza Hittman’s Beach Rats does that as well as lobbing a few other issues in to the steaming brew.

  • Brakes

    At its core Brakes is about predetermination and portent: if you had an idea of what the future would bring, would you still continue down that path? Stephen King tackled this in The Dead Zone and there’s always the question that if you knew that child would grow up to be Hitler…

  • Justice League

    It probably doesn’t do to dwell too much on the background to this film, bearing in mind and respecting the things that happened during its making. Suffice to say it’s here, at last and after one of the longest build ups that this writer can remember.

  • Good Time

    GOOD TIME is the fifth feature from sibling filmmakers, Josh and Benny Safdie. It is also a return for them to the fertile

  • The Unseen

    Director and writer Gary Sinyor’s The Unseen is an impressive looking tale about tragedy, psychological manipulation with a touch of horror.

  • Buster Keaton - Three Films

    Buster Keaton fans rejoice: Eureka just released three of the much-loved comic’s best films on Blu-ray and in a fabulous 4K restoration! The lavish and limited edition hardbound box-set contains Sherlock Jr. / The General and Steamboat Bill, Jr.